Exhibitions / Confini soggettivi, Il Chiasso Perduto Gallery, Florence, 2019

Someone once told me: “She needs to own a place to paint”. What seemed to me an incomprehensible sentence, I only realized many years later how true it was.
It’s just like that. In order to paint something, I have to make it my own. Photography has never been enough for me; I can’t see anything through it. I have to go inside the place to paint it: walk, stay there, feel its smells, sounds; get to know it through the objects and the people who live there. Drawing, stationary on paper and in head visions, lines, lights, and shadows. I record, I collect the visual material I need to then disassemble it, rebuild it and tell it in my own words. The objects that inhabit a place reveal to me stories of who lives that place or has lived it and it is here that I feel the urgency to paint: to tell stories, stories of Beauty and mysterious existence of everyday life.
The copy of reality as an end in itself does not interest me, the real fact is only the starting point of a deep creative process that leads to a reversed, invented, deformed reality, truer than the True for me.